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Audio Sound Recorder - Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

1, Why the recorded file is silent?
That is because that the software has recorded from a wrong source that has no sound. You may select a correct source from the main window's source drop-down list, or click the menu item "Tools > Recording Source Controls Panel..."

2, How to record from a microphone?
Click the menu item "Tools > recording Source Controls Panel...", then select the control "Microphone" from the panel.

3, Why the software activates an error messagebox ?
Please enter the options dialog, click the "Default" button, and click the button "OK" to save and return.

4, Why the source control panel has no "Stereo Mixer" or "Microphone" (or other that you want)?
Please click the menu item "Options > Properties..." to open the property dialog, set radio in frame to "recording", check all the items from the listbox, click the button "OK" to return.

5, How to order by phone?
Please goto the online ordering page http://www.sound-recorder.net/buy.html , click the buy now button to enter the ordering page and contact the sales for instructions on how to order by phone.

6, How much will I pay for the future versions?
You will get the future versions for free.

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