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Audio Sound Recorder Help

Main Window of Audio Sound Recorder

The following is the screenshot of the Audio Sound Recorder

audio sound recorder

Control Buttons

click this button to play backward
click this button to play forward
click this button to play the audio file opened
click this button to stop playing or recording
click this button to start recording

Slider Bar
Click and drag the slider bar to change the playing position.

Click the different radio buttons to select different audio formats for recording.
Click the button "..." to open an audio file for playing or recording.

The status frame shows the audio file's format, length, or samples.

The channels frame shows the left and right channels' volume.

The statusbar will show the software's state, the recordings' start time, end time, and recording length.

Select the source from the drop-down list. Before recording, you must choose the correct source, if the choosed source is not correct, the recorded file will not have sound. The most used source may be "Stereo Mixer" or "WAV Mix Out". If you want to record sound from a Microphone, then please select the source as "Microphone".

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